FSD or Fitness Served Daily is a lifestyle brand with a heavy influence on fitness, headquartered in the heart of Honolulu, HI. We had the humble beginnings of starting off in the midst of COVID, as fitness was a great part of my life. I formed big lifting groups and eventually started to train people as a side hustle. Soon after, I was slowly creating a unique small-group identity and started to inspire those around me who also encouraged me to pursue and create a culture of fitness, friendship, and self improvement – all tied together with style. To us, meaningful connections matter just as much as the metrics. Over the years, I have been greatly touched by the tremendous love and support that I’ve received, which has led me to learn and grow not just in fitness and business – but also mentally, spiritually, and in my life’s purpose.


At Fitness Served Daily, our mission is to inspire and fuel your hunger for greatness. We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals, and through this belief, we strive to supply the resources and support that will ultimately lead to your growth and success. Our brand is built on the core values of hard work, dedication, and a ruthlessly strong-willed mindset. We believe that fitness is a daily grind, and that small steps taken each day will accumulate in great and long-lasting results. We don’t put ceilings on potential. We are committed to providing high-quality and innovative fitness apparel and accessories that will help you reach your full potential. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or you're a well-seasoned athlete, we have something that will meet everyone’s needs. Join us as we embark on our mission to become the best version of ourselves – one rep at a time. Fitness Served Daily – feeding your hunger for greatness.